Imagine being part of the revolution in the art and spending thousands of dollars on a digital artwork.

The only way to appreciate it today is on a phone…awful.

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We embrace uniqueness

Vision introduces the 3.0 canva.

For the first time, any digital artist can conceive his own work as if painted on a new canva.

Vision's interactive frame allows a new immersive artistic experience that will be able to "exhibit" the entire artistic journey of any piece of art. Vision offers a new way of experiencing digital art at home, in museums, or in galleries.


Vision Studio

The first canvas for digital artists.

Vision Studio offers the first interactive digital frames for displaying any form of digital art. Each piece is unique and characterized by an entirely Made in Italy frame: designed by professional designers and built with italian high-quality materials.

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Each frame is crafted as a unique piece. It is an incomparable decorative object to enrich any environment.

Made in Italy

All materials used by Vision are premium Italian products, crafted and assembled in Italy.


Vision frames are projected into the future. The continuous research by our team improves our products to ensure new features and new forms of interaction.